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Detecting ASP.NET (C#) Browser Refresh

Problem: Many times we come across the scenario where hitting the browser’s refresh button or pressing the F5 key performs exactly the same steps last performed by their .NET code. i.e. what ever there is in the last request made to … Continue reading

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Executing Stored Procedure in Excel sheet

In normal course we are required to display the data of a data table or data from the SQL view into the excel sheet in form of a normal table or in the form of a Pivot table. And for … Continue reading

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Implicit versus Explicit Interface implementation (C#)

Unlike C++, in C# we can implement an interface implicilty as well as explicitly. There are many prons and cons of using the explicit interface implementation instead of regular implicit implementation. I’ll first show you the implicit implmentation of an … Continue reading

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Static Class versus Static members (C#)

Static classes are used when a class provides functionality that is not specific to any unique instance, means there will be no instance created, but its functions, static variables etc can be used using the class name. Here are the … Continue reading

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Inserting explicit values to Identity Column

As we all know, Identity column(s) gets their values automatically when record is being inserted into the table. The values in the idenity column are added as per the definition i.e. seed & increment value of that identity column. So while … Continue reading

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