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How to close all child windows on closing/logout of Main page/window ( web application)

In many web portal applications, there are lots of popup windows get opened when users navigate to some links or there may be some popups window providing some relevant information. These popups may get opened when some specific events occur on the … Continue reading

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Passing multi-value parameter in stored procedure (SSRS report)

In SSRS reports we can have multi valued paremeters, which means we can select multiple values for that parameter and based on all those selected values result in the report is shown. We can write the SQL query to pass … Continue reading

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Using/Creating an alias for SQL Server 2005

Scenarios of Use: We may want to redirect the connection of an existing application to a different database server without modifying the connection string which might be needed if the database has been moved to a different server and previously … Continue reading

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Customizing ‘Subtotal’ expression by using Inscope function in Matrix Reports (SSRS)

In SSRS Matrix reports there is an inbuilt functionality to have the Subtotal of columns/row fields depending upon the scope of the group in which subtotal is defined. If it is defined in the scope of any row group it … Continue reading

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SELECT list ‘alias’ in the WHERE or GROUP BY clause

While executing the SELECT queries in SQL server, many times we need the desired output column aliases and for that we end up writing the TSQL queries like this: SELECT Col1 AS MyColumn FROM Table1  This works fine also for … Continue reading

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Passing more than 9 parameters to a batch file

It is of a common practice to write a batch file to execute the commands using some command line utilities like OSQL. And to provide the required parameters to that command line utility, we just set some variable in the … Continue reading

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