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Saving results of a stored procedure into a XML file

: In many real time scenarios when our database is interacting with the web application or so, we need to pass information to/from the database from/to the application. While updating/inserting such information into database, we usually pass it in the … Continue reading

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SET FMTONLY ON (Useful in TSQL & SSIS packages for using temp tables)

As we talked earlier about ‘SET NOEXEC ON’ statement in TSQL which restricts the SQL batch statements to get executed but they only get parsed / complied. When we set NOEXEC as ‘ON’ then in the output we will get … Continue reading

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SET NOEXEC ON statement in TSQL (SQL Server 2005)

When we execute any T-SQL statement(s) in SQL Server; it is accomplished by two processes: Compilation & then 2. Execution of the statement(s). Compilation phase is useful for validating the syntax and object names in Transact-SQL for executing them properly. … Continue reading

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“OnError” versus “OnTaskFailed” Event Handler in SSIS

There are lots of event/event handlers which we can make use of during the package execution. Among all those events/event handlers, two of them are very important for logging the custom errors; which may occur due to failure of some … Continue reading

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“OnVariableValueChanged” Event Handler in SSIS Package

In SSIS packages, we usually deal with many variables (system variables as well as user defined variables). We make use of these variables for certain calculations or for achieving the dynamic configurations. In case of dynamic configurations like file name/path … Continue reading

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