Calculation tab not working – SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services


In Business Intelligence Development Studio for SQL Server 2005 analysis services, when we click on ‘Calculation’ Tab to define some calculated measures & all, we can get the following error:

‘Unexpected error occurred: ‘Error in application.’

Also having this error visual studio IDE will crash & will be closed automatically.

This issue may not get resolved by applying SP2 or other hot fixes. And you may also not find this error logged into the event viewer.


This problem occurs due to the compatibility issue i.e. version difference between the binaries/ DLLs.

These DLLs are 1. Msmdlocal.dll & 2. Msmgdsrv.dll


Version of the assemblies ‘msmdlocal.dll’ & ’Msmgdsrv.dll’ must be the same of the ones installed into “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\” and the ones installed into “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\Ole DB” location.

If it is not same for any or both of these DLLs, then replace the ones in ‘PrivateAssemblies’ with the ones from ‘ole db’.

 Happy SSAS Cube Designing..!

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6 Responses to Calculation tab not working – SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

  1. marcus says:

    dear Munish,

    thanks a lot for this solution.. 🙂

  2. Mex says:

    Thanks for this though its different from my case. Let me introduce my case to you maybe you can help me out. I am using Sql Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 to do my analysis service project. In this project i can click on every tab without any problem but my project get crashed and automatically get closed when i click on calculation tab…i tried to use the information you provided above but still it can work out…can you u help me out here..

  3. Mex says:

    Hey man..thanks a lot for this…i have a similliar problem with this but am using Visual Studio 08 and Sql server 08, so it seems like the solution you posted here does not work in my case. Can u help me with a solution to prevent my pregram from crusing and automatically closing when i click on calculation tab of the cube toolbar..

  4. Sivsu says:

    Thanks Munish, for me it was the other way round. I copied the two assemblies from OLE Db to Private assemblies (they were missing here) and it worked !

  5. dankpaz says:

    that’s correct for sql 2005 but dont sql 2008 ,please help!!
    error : unexpected internal error in the parser

  6. Olaf says:

    Anyone found the solution for the same problem in SSAS 2012 ???

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