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How to prevent SSIS package creating empty flat file at the destination

It’s very common that SSIS package is developed to generate some output as Flat File (.csv, .dat, .txt etc) by using Flat File Destination component. Content of the same can be sourced from either SQL Server database, some other flat … Continue reading

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How to remove duplicate records from Flat File Source (SSIS)

Problem: Since populating the data warehouse or any other database may involve various disparate source-types like SQL Server, Excel spreadsheets, DB2 etc. It can also be a Flat File/CSV file source as well.  In case of data sources like SQL … Continue reading

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Importing data from Excel having Mixed Data Types in a column (SSIS)

When we use Excel (Excel source in case of excel 2003 & OLEDB Source in case of excel 2007) as our data source in SSIS, we come across the fact that SSIS decides over the data type of a column … Continue reading

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How to read a Flat File with data delimited by any wild card character like ‘#’, ‘$’ (SSIS)

Requirement: Generally we deal with Flat Files which are comma (,) separated i.e. CSV files. And in SSIS by making use of ‘Flat File Source’ component we can read them very easily. These files can contain results/data from various sources … Continue reading

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Creating & Using a Package Template (SQL Server Integration Services)

When we create an Integration Services solution, a package (package.dtsx) gets added to the solution automatically. This package uses the default package template, which is empty with no control flow task. Also when we add a new package (SSIS Packages … Continue reading

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Dynamic columns mapping – Script Component as Destination (SSIS)

Requirement: In Data Flow task of SSIS, we have to define a Data Source as well as a destination to extract & load the data respectively. And as per the functionality of data flow task (DFT), metadata of the source … Continue reading

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Digital Signing a SSIS package (SQL Server 2005 Integration Services – Security)

General theory about Digital Signing & data security: In SSIS we have some options to secure our package’s content by applying certain protection levels. These defined protection levels protects the package from being viewed by unwanted users. By using these … Continue reading

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