My Pics :)



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  1. Dalbir Sing says:

    Hello Yar
    Yeh aapne pehli wali photo kaise edit ki hai.
    Which software you use for it
    Please Reply me.

    And About blog its really nice work

    Thank’s in advance.

  2. Dalbir,
    I used Picasa tool to edit this pic ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for ur comments !

  3. munir says:

    hey u are an mcts. i am trying for mcts do u think it is difficult.

  4. Raquel says:

    Hi Munish,

    How are you? I hope you can help me with SSRS 2005.
    I am having an error of ‘System.OutOfMemoryException when I retrieve my report in Visual Studio or Report Manager. Can you please help me with this or do you have any work around.

    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi Raquel,

    This issue occurs because the computer does not have sufficient memory (RAM) to complete the requested operation. I would suggest you to configure one subscription and then try to get the report.
    And also you need to check the status of your machine’s memory.


  6. Manish says:


    I’m trying to chart subtotal and total on the same line chart. I’ve read about RunningValue but am unable to put the two set of series data on the same graph. I sure it can be done but don’t really know the exact steps.

    I have created a calculated field in the datasource with an expression cataining the RunningValue function. I have then added this to the data series but it does not provide a single series – it provides a series for each subgroup.

    Please can you advise how I can achieve this.

    Many thanks

  7. Raquel says:

    Hi Munish,

    How you doing? Thank you for you last reply.

    I have another question with SSRS. I have a matrix report which display Student Schedule Time

    Rows are time like: increment of 30 min.
    Data is the actual schedule of student like 8:30 -9:10 A.M. which I used background color of data to show schedule

    The question how can I show 9:10 A.M. ?

    Row Data (Student Schedule)

    8:30 A.M. 8:30 AM – 9:10 AM

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.


  8. satya says:

    U Looks Awesome

  9. Ravi says:

    hi, I am using SSRS. While adding a new field in dataset, it’s not taking, as i add new field, it will not show any field after adding field. I am using exec query.
    Please help i got stuck. I am searching from long. Please send me reply on

  10. Ravi says:

    declare @SQL nvarchar(max)
    set @SQL = N’select cab_lscadmin0.cab_clientidname as ”cab_clientidname”, LE_7AEF8FE5.ticketnumber as ”LE_7AEF8FE5_ticketnumber”,
    from (‘ + convert(nvarchar(max), @CRM_FilteredCAB_lscadmin) + ‘) as cab_lscadmin0
    left outer join FilteredIncident as LE_7AEF8FE5 on (cab_lscadmin0.cab_enquiryid = LE_7AEF8FE5.incidentid)
    left outer join FilteredContact as LE_49A55465 on (cab_lscadmin0.cab_clientid = LE_49A55465.contactid)
    left outer join (‘ + convert(nvarchar(max), @CRM_FilteredActivityPointer) + ‘) as activitypointer1 on (cab_lscadmin0.cab_lscadminid = activitypointer1.regardingobjectid)’

    I am using this query, lot other fields r also there. when i am adding new field and clicking ok, it will hide all other records.

  11. prasad says:

    I need a sample report format which is to display multiple values.

  12. Divya says:

    u look handsome

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  15. Amar Kumar says:

    Hi Munish,
    You rock dude. One of my SSIS related search today redirected to your website.
    Keep writing and en-lighting us!!

    Amar K

  16. vasu says:

    Hii munish

    I am trying to do i am having some flat file data.In that having amount column task is i want sum of amount column.In that case i am using aggregate transformation but in that case it showing only group by and count and count distinct only it’s not showing sum operation,please help me,,,,,

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